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You have a unique opportunity to serve Mist Maze.

 Live in her household, please all of her needs, and be a guest in her films. 

"It's not about what I demand of you, it's about what you are willing and able to do for me."


Head of the House

A Female Led Relationships (FLR) is when the Woman is the dominant partner in a relationship. In order to live this lifestyle to the fullest, I desire to establish a victorian structured household.


As the head of the house, I will enjoy every form of pampering provided to me by the house servants. I am a kind Mistress who believes in guidance through encouragement. Learn exactly how to please my every need and desire.

My patience always pays off in finding the most compatible submissives. I wish to connect with outstanding members of the subservient community.


I enjoy subs with all kinds of experience levels. you do not need 10 years of experience to satisfy me. There is a beginning to every story. This may be our first chapter.

The servants

I seek a humble servant that gains satisfaction from providing pleasure to others. The duty to serve my needs must be your utmost desire.


To be granted this position you must be trustworthy and honorable. Responsibilities include weekly chores, monthly rent, filming duties and, other forms of service as needed.


The servants may assist in filming on camera or behind the scenes. If captured on film your face will be hidden behind a mask. Official documents must be signed in order to participate.

victorian house.jpg

The House

The household will be a comfortable space for self-expression. Respect for the home and its members is essential.  


Authentic moments of power exchange will be captured and posted here on my website. Play will not be demanded by either side, negotiation and planning are important. 


The monthly rent will be between $650 - $850 with an initial deposit of first and last months rent. You will have your own twin bed in a shared room with a fellow servant.  Private rooms are available for  $1200. You will be signed onto a one year lease and service agreement with Mist Maze. No further financial exchanges will be required between Mist Maze her servants.

Mist Maze will not be living in this home initially but may eventually move in. This location will serve as her home base for film production and pampering.

This home has not yet been established. Ideal locations range between Clairmont to Escondido.  

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