History of Mist Maze

I have always enjoyed being the one in charge.  In 2016 I began sharing my lifestyle professionally. Training servants is a thrill unmatched. I enjoy taking control of your most mundane and personal freedoms. Guiding you to where I want you. Getting inside your head is one of my favorite games.


I enjoy long term connections with my submissives. Giving ourselves time to develop a seamless exchange of power. 

History of Mist Maze



Chastity & Keyholding

O Control

Domestic Service

Mental Captivity

Financial Domination

Sensory Deprivation/Overload

Complete Restraint

Coerced Crossdressing

Worshiping My Feet


Anyone under the age of 18

Negotiation of tribute

Switching power dynamics

Brown or red bodily fluids 

Administering body modifications

Intercourse & kissing

Kinks and Limits


Future of Mist Maze

This digital interaction is fairly new to me though I am deeply enjoying it! It excites me to have you follow my command's from a screen. Keeping in touch in this way will have us smoothly transition to playing in person. 


I would like to arrange a servant training house where you can view all of our activities through online content! In addition you can tune into my new podcast "kink speak" to listen to the conversations I have with my peers and subbies about our kinks! We are currently only on Instagram, YouTube coming soon!

Future of Mist Maze